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I'm a big fan of the emotion, joy. The thing that mose fascinates me about "joy" is the fact that joy and sadness can coexist. Joy is transcendant. I love that. Here is a scene full of joy in the swirl of life that otherwise may not be so joyful. 


"Alphadancers" - A limited edition alphabet collage

I am severly dyslexic. On the list of 37 traits for dyslexic folks, I score off the chart on almost 90%. My mind is simply not wired the same way. So when I first tried to learn to read, the letters "danced" - I embrace that dancing letter memory here as a complete alphabet.  I've created a limited edition poster on beautiful matte finished stock (18 x 24 - suitable for framing, all hand signed) that is available for purchase.

You can buy a copy here.

"Taxi Cats" by Andrea Boff

Warm, summer nights in Philly - street food, street musicians, chatter, and 4-part harmony on street corners. People don't understand Philadelphia. It can be a feast for the eyes - it's the only place I know where pedestrians can spontaneously break into song like a 1940s musical.


"Taxi Dogs" by Andrea Boff

A street scene from summer nights in Philadelphia


The Mad Ringmaster - The Ringmaster sees everything

"Balancing" From the American Cirque Series

This is a painting from the moleskine sketches. It's one of the American Cirque acrobats against a backdrop of uncertainty. I have a version going now for the graphic novel of the same name. Too busy. I have to focus on one thing at a time.


From Sketch to Painting

On the left is my original sketch shot with my iPhone while travelling on a train. Later that day, you will see how that sketch evolved into an acrylic painting. This painting is the "personification" of the state of North Carolina. In my American Cirque Series I am painting a person to represent every state inthe union.

Centerfold from My Moleskine


From the American Cirque Series: Ms. North Carolina

Ms. North Carolina wears the hat of the outer banks.

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From the American Cirque Series: Ms. Philadelphia

As I work on the American Cirque series, I am finding ways to personify American Cities. This is the face of Philadelphia - strong and opinionated and very earthy.
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The American Cirque Series: The Ring Master 2

The standing ringnaster - in a coat of many colors. The coat will be intricate stitched of flags, war memorobilia and more.

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The American Cirque Series: The Ring Master

I am working on a series of 10 paintings that view America through the lens of acrobats. I ride the train to Philadelphia daily and use the people standing on the platforms as my models. I have to be pretty quick about it. But I am enjoying putting them into situations that require balance and skill. The nuances are the tough parts of course. By the time I actually paint this series, the details of the face will be a very important part of the meaning of the series. I don't mean them to be clowns or acrobats. It's all metaphor. We'll see if I can pull this off.

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